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First pre-release/beta Ethereum Classic GUI Mist Wallet signed builds built to work natively with the original/classic network

First pre-release/beta Ethereum Classic GUI Mist Wallet signed builds built to work natively with the original/classic network submitted by whatisgravity to EthereumClassic [link] [comments]

Which Ethereum wallet is best / safe (with GUI)?

Like the title .. Im looking for a good and secure wallet to store my ethereum. I need a GUI as im a noob in terminal. Tthnx!
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Ethereum Wallet Release Beta 4 – Now generates GUI's for any contracts for easier interaction

Ethereum Wallet Release Beta 4 – Now generates GUI's for any contracts for easier interaction submitted by avsa to ethereum [link] [comments]

First Ethereum fork. GUI wallet. No ICO/IPO. PoW, Bountys.

First Ethereum fork. GUI wallet. No ICO/IPO. PoW, Bountys. submitted by Manidos to ethereum [link] [comments]

New to Ethereum (and cryptos in general), I'm having some trouble creating a wallet contract in the Ethereum Wallet GUI.

So I'm trying to create a wallet contract, but I keep getting "exceeds block gas limit" error. Here's the estimated fee consumption, provide maximum fee, and current gas price:
Estimated fee consumption: 0.04088417 ether (1,962,239 gas)
Provide maximum fee: 0.0625064 ether (3,000,000 gas) NOTE: This is the default maximum fee.
Gas price: 0.02084 ether per million gas
So if I don't change that default max fee of 3,000,000 gas it still gives me the "exceeds block gas limit" error. Anything higher than 3,000,000 gives the error, and anything in between 1,400,001 and 2,999,999 also give the error. So 1,400,000 gas and below don't give the error, and then it shows it's creating the wallet but never actually creates it, then on the transactions show as pending. I assume this is because the gas is too low, and miners just ignore it.
So what am I doing wrong here?
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Ubuntu Ethereum GUI Wallet Suddenly gone

Basically, I turned on my system and the ethereum icon is no longer available on the start menu. I backed up my wallet aka the keystone folder and reinstall the Ethereum-Wallet-linux64-0-8-8.deb on the github . Tips? fyi, I am new to the whole eth thing and I am now in panic mode
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Will Ether from my nano ledger S or myetherwallet, or the normal ethereum wallet GUI, be compatible for receiving the bancor token?

A bit unsure of how this ICO works. I think it's confusing how it's sending me the token back to the ether address I sent it from. I thought my ether wallet was to store and hodl ether and nothing else? How does this work and which wallets are safe to send from. I know I can't send from exchanges.
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Ethereum's Go developer team releases Beta GUI Wallet, no command line interface required!!!

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Is there a GUI version of the Ethereum wallet like Bitcoin Core? If currently no, any plan to develop one? It helps in usability.

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What are "peers" in Ethereum GUI Wallet? Why do I only have 1?

What are "peers" in Ethereum GUI Wallet? Why do I only have 1?
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First pre-release/beta Ethereum Classic GUI Mist Wallet signed builds built to work natively with the original/classic network

First pre-release/beta Ethereum Classic GUI Mist Wallet signed builds built to work natively with the original/classic network submitted by whatisgravity to EtcTrader [link] [comments]

The new GUI wallet is mentioned in today's cryptocast 'Ethereum to Earth, Cannabis ❤s LEDs, & Everything Drones'

The new GUI wallet is mentioned in today's cryptocast 'Ethereum to Earth, Cannabis ❤s LEDs, & Everything Drones' submitted by AmandaBJohnson to ethereum [link] [comments]

Mining through Mist / Ethereum Wallet GUI

I have an account and a wallet set up in Mist / Ethereum Wallet. There is a "Start Mining" menu option but it is grayed out. How do I mine through the GUI? Alternatively, how do I mine using the account/wallet I set up through the GUI?
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EtherWall - GUI desktop wallet for Ethereum

EtherWall - GUI desktop wallet for Ethereum submitted by mids106 to ethereumprojects [link] [comments]

Shift - First Ethereum fork with a GUI wallet.

Shift - First Ethereum fork with a GUI wallet. submitted by CryptoJunky to CryptoCurrency [link] [comments]

How to Stake on the ETH2 Medalla Testnet - A Beginner's Guide

Hey everybody, I am an absolute beginner who just managed to set up a staking node on the ETH 2.0 Medalla testnet that goes live Aug 4th, 2020. Shoutout to KBrot/ and others at /ETHFinance/ who patiently helped me out, and of course the friendly folks at the Prysm and Lighthouse discords!
I missed the mining craze last time around, but I'm stoked that I can be here for the Medalla testnet. If you are considering solo-staking on main net you absolutely should give the testnet a try. Documenting my steps here in case anybody else wants to give it a shot!
Initially I tried Lighthouse on Windows but there were compile issues so switched to Linux and it was much easier. I'd never used Linux before and had limited command line knowledge, so if I can do this, so can you!
Later on, I was able to get Prysm running on Windows quite easily. Steps included below.
ETH2 Client used: Sigma Prime Lighthouse on Linux Ubuntu Desktop latest version, not running an ETH1 node (using an Infura node instead as not enough disk space). But you should run an ETH1 node if you can, because you reduce the risk of penalties from Infura being unavailable when you're staking on the main net later on.
I have also added Prysm steps on Windows. For other clients, just replace steps 3-6 with the instructions from that client's dev team.
  1. Create your validator keys at the Ethereum Foundation Medalla Launchpad
  2. Preparation: Install Linux, Rust, C++ build packages
  3. Install ETH2 client
  4. Start an ETH2 beacon node
  5. Import your validator keys into ETH2 client
  6. Start ETH2 validator

STEP 1 - Create your validator keys at the Ethereum Foundation Medalla Launchpad
Go to the Launchpad. Make sure you understand the 'Overview' section as much as you can.
If you already have a Linux machine set up and want to use the CLI to generate the keypair, follow the instructions to generate the key-pairs.
I wanted to do it on my Windows PC, so I skipped the 'Install developer libraries' and CLI steps.
Instead I downloaded the file from
Unzip/extract, and run the deposit.exe file. Follow the steps and keep your keystore files and password safe.
I assume you want to set up 1 validator. Upload the validator json, connect your Metamask wallet and sign the transaction to send 32 GoETH from your Metamask wallet to the testnet deposit contract. If you don't have test ETH, get some from (just click on step 2 - get goeth and connect your Metamask) from the Prysmatic or Lighthouse discord. There is a bot channel there.
After signing the transaction your 32 GoETH has been deposited into the Medalla testnet contract!
Brave and Metamask don't work together with the Launchpad. Chrome + Metamask worked for me.

Step 2 - Preparation: Install Linux, Git, Rust, C++ build packages
I was able to run Prysm on Windows, but had issues with Lighthouse. So I set up Lighthouse on Linux. Here's how you do this:
Install Ubuntu desktop using these instructions to create a bootable USB disk. Ubuntu server doesn't have a GUI, so I went for desktop.
From a terminal window, install Ubuntu dependencies by copy-pasting and pressing Enter:
sudo apt install -y git gcc g++ make cmake pkg-config libssl-dev 
Install Git:
sudo apt install git-all 
For using Lighthouse, you need to install Rust:
curl -sSf | sh 
For using Lighthouse, you also need to install Microsoft C++ Build Tools:
sudo apt-get install build-essential 
NOTE: You may have to log out/restart Linux at this point to make the next step work.

Step 3: Install an ETH2 Client
Prysm is the more popular client but for the sake of client diversity try to use one of the other clients also. Install Prysm by following the first 3 steps but don't start the beacon node yet.
The steps below are for Lighthouse (Linux), taken from this source.
Clone the lighthouse git with this command:
git clone 
Go into the Lighthouse client directory:
cd lighthouse 
Compile the client using command, this will take a while:

Step 4: Start an ETH2 Beacon node
Pick either 4a or 4b below - don't do both!
Step 4a: Start the ETH1 node & Beacon node
If your computer can run an ETH1 node (like GETH) which needs a 500GB SSD at least, please do so to support true decentralization and maximise your node uptime.
See Prysm instructions here. For Lighthouse see instructions here. Then go to step 5.
Step 4b: Use a remote (3rd party) ETH1 node & start a beacon node
If you cannot run an ETH1 node because your computer is not powerful enough or the SSD is not big enough, you can use a public Infura end-point: Sign up for free at and create a new project. Under that project's settings, next to 'Endpoints' choose Goerli testnet and copy the https URL -> this is your Infura endpoint.
For Lighthouse (Linux):
Open a new terminal window.
Replace the word URL below with this Infura endpoint URL, and run this command in a new terminal window.
lighthouse --testnet medalla beacon --eth1-endpoint=URL --http 
As a bonus, sign up for the POAP and add your graffiti to your beacon node to get special participation badges!
For lighthouse, the POAP graffiti has to be added to the beacon node not the validator (for Prysm, it is added to the validator not the beacon node - see instruction further below in the next step).
So use this command instead of the previous one to start the beacon node with your graffiti added:
lighthouse --testnet medalla beacon --eth1-endpoint=URL --http --graffiti YOURGRAFFITIHERE 
You should start seeing lines such as:
INFO Imported Deposit Log(s) 
and after it has caught up with all the deposits:
INFO Waiting for adequate ETH1 timestamp.... 
For Prysm (Windows):
If running your own ETH1 node, run in a new command line window:
 prysm.bat beacon-chain 
If using Infura, replace the word URL below with the Infura endpoint URL, and run this command in a new terminal window.
prysm.bat beacon-chain --http-web3provider=URL 
You should see something like this:
INFO powchain: Processing deposits from Ethereum 1 chain deposits=18432 genesisValidators=17871 

Step 5: Import your validator keys into the client
For Lighthouse (Linux):
Follow the instructions here. Ensure you place the validator keys folder in the right place.
I did this by pasting the 'eth2deposit-cli-de03fe3-windows-amd64' folder into my Linux lighthouse folder.
For Prysm (Windows): Follow the steps here. Ensure you place the validator keys folder in the right place.

Step 6: Start your ETH2 validator
For Lighthouse (Linux):
Open a new terminal window and run:
lighthouse vc 
If the validator started successfully, you will see something like this:
INFO Enabled validator voting_pubkey: 0xa5e8702533f6d66422e042a0bf3471ab9b302ce115633fa6fdc5643f804b6b4f1c33baf95f125ec21969a3b1e0dd9e56 
Until the Medalla testnet genesis, you will ALSO see an error like so on Lighthouse:
ERROR Unable to connect to beacon node error: "ReqwestError(reqwest::Error { kind: Request, url: \"http://localhost:5052/node/version\", source: hyper::Error(Connect, ConnectError(\"tcp connect error\", Os { code: 111, kind: ConnectionRefused, message: \"Connection refused\" })) })" 
This is perfectly normal, and will keep repeating until the Medalla testnet chain starts running later (the http server for the lighthouse beacon node doesn't start until genesis - confirmed by devs in Discord)
Note: The status messages may be different as we get closer to chain genesis and again at the actual genesis time.
Before genesis, update your client with this command if built from source:
git pull 
or if using the docker image:
docker pull sigp/lighthouse 
For Prysm (Windows):
Open a new terminal window and run:
prysm.bat validator 
As a bonus, sign up for the POAP and add your graffiti to your validator to get special participation badges! Use this command instead of the previous one to run a validator with your graffiti added:
prysm.bat validator --graffiti "YourGraffitiHere" 
NOTE: While Prysm adds the graffiti to the validator, Lighthouse adds it to the beacon node. The end result is the same though.
You should see this message if the validator started succesfully:
INFO validator: Waiting for beacon chain start log from the ETH 1.0 deposit contract 
Note: The status messages may be different as we get closer to chain genesis and again at the actual genesis time.
Also your beacon node terminal will show that the validator has successfully connected to it.
INFO rpc: New gRPC client connected to beacon node addr= 
So now you should have one terminal window running the beacon chain and another terminal window running the validator. Closing the terminal windows will terminate these, so be careful. I'd also advise changing your power settings so that your PC doesn't go to sleep automatically.
That's it! Your Medalla validator is now ready! Keep and eye on update instructions from the dev teams on their Discords and just wait for the chain genesis now (1300 hrs UTC, Aug 4th, 2020).
You can also enter your validator's public key in to monitor status and staking income.
If you spot any errors/improvements to these steps, do let me know!
EDIT: Prysm steps for Windows added. Lighthouse Graffiti commands added. Prysm and Lighthouse Discord links removed due to Reddit spam filters, look in comments for those links.
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is there a miner like nicehash that will send ethereum directly to my wallet?

I've been using nicehash for a while now but i don't like how i have to withdraw in btc and i also don't like how i have to have like 12 dollars worth of btc before withdrawing.
is there a miner like nicehash (that has a gui) that will send ethereum directly to my wallet instead of having me withdraw it from their website?
Alternatively, could i configure the nicehash client to send the btc directly to my wallet instead of the one on their site?
From what i've seen it sends btc to "my" wallet on their site every time like 40 cents worth of btc is accumulated.

Sorry if that's a stupid question.

And before anyone says it, i know that i'm paying more in electricity and i should just buy the crypto instead but i live in greece and since the greek government IDs are basically just a piece of paper without any serious anti faking measures, no kyc service accepts them.
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is there a miner like nicehash that will send ethereum directly to my wallet?

I've been using nicehash for a while now but i don't like how i have to withdraw in btc and i also don't like how i have to have like 12 dollars worth of btc before withdrawing.
is there a miner like nicehash (that has a gui) that will send ethereum directly to my wallet instead of having me withdraw it from their website?
Alternatively, could i configure the nicehash client to send the btc directly to my wallet instead of the one on their site?
From what i've seen it sends btc to "my" wallet on their site every time like 40 cents worth of btc is accumulated.
Sorry if that's a stupid question.
And before anyone says it, i know that i'm paying more in electricity and i should just buy the crypto instead but i live in greece and since the greek government IDs are basically just a piece of paper without any serious anti faking measures, no kyc service accepts them.
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The Reddit Bake-Off - Submission by Hubble Project


Reddit Post

A live proof of concept showing hundreds of thousands of transactions
The simulation is currently running. At the moment we have processed 40k transactions. We did some preprocessing so started everything ~12 hours ago. We will update the post here when the simulation has finished.
Source code (for on & off-chain components as well tooling used for the PoC). The source code does not have to be shared publicly, but if Reddit decides to use a particular solution it will need to be shared with Reddit at some point
Smart contracts:
General Documentation: Spec for Reddit RollApp:
How it works & scales
We use optimistic rollup. Basically we create a commitment for a batch of transactions. If the commitment is incorrect anyone can execute a fraud proof to prove it is incorrect and revert the incorrect batch.
So our smart contract desribes the fraud proofs and commitments and the node watches the smart contract and validates every commitment is correct. If not it will produces a fraud proof and revert the state.
Currently a single coordiantor run by us is allowed to create batches. We plan to decentrlaize this later.
How to run it
Known issues or tradeoffs
We have several improvments still to apply
  1. Bls signatures will reduce the size of our commitments and thus our cost per tx.
  2. Mass migrations will allow users to move to any other scaling solutions as they see fit.
  3. Decentralize coordinator: at the moment the coordinator is centralized which gives them alot of power. They can basically stop the whole system if they stop processing tarnsactions. We currently have a governance fall back to update teh coordinator if they become malicious. But this basically make the governece able to dos the whole chain. We plan to use to decentrlaize the coordinator.
  4. General gas optimizations: Reducing footprint per batch, we limit our batching to 32 transactions per batch to ensure that the fraud proofs execute in 3-5 million gas, the batch footprint on-chain in terms of storage can be reduced quite a lot. We have some ideas around just storing one hash per batch on-chain
Summary of cost & resource information for both on-chain & off-chain components used in the PoC, as well as cost & resource estimates for further scaling. If your PoC is not on mainnet, make note of any mainnet caveats (such as congestion issues).
Each batch contains 32 operations. We assume the gas block limit is 10,000,000 and block time is 13.5 seconds when calculating transactions per second.
submitBatch for CreateAccount use 235533 gas 7360 gas per account creates 100 account creates per second
submitBatch for Airdrop use 269983 gas 8436.96 gas per Airdrop 87 airdrops per second
submitBatch for Transfer use 270046 gas 8438.9375 gas per Transfer 87.77654067715761 transactions per second
submitBatch for BurnConsent use 269202 gas 8421.56 gas per BurnConsent 88.05176316611599 burnConsent per second
submitBatch for BurnExecution use 234253 gas 7320.40625 gas per BurnExecution 101.188 BurnExections per second
The USD cost is dependent upon the gas price market which fluctuates alot.
Offchain costs are servers 0.1 USD per hour. Its same as basic laptop spec. We are probably over paying.
Scaling. This PoC should scale to the numbers below with minimal costs (both on & off-chain). There should also be a clear path to supporting hundreds of millions of users.
See benchmarks
Decentralization. Solutions should not depend on any single third-party provider.
Currently we have a centralized coordinator but plan to upgrade to decentralized coordinator.
Transactions complete in a reasonable amount of time (seconds or minutes, not hours or days)
Coordinator needs to gather enough transactions to create a block. Once this is done transactiosn can be commited in ethereum block time.
We can offer sub second weak finality by the cooordinator placing a bond and commiting to include a transaction or else their bond will be slashed. This does not provide the same crypto economic finality that layer 1 does but it does allow for nice UX.
Free to use for end users (no gas fees, or fixed/minimal fees that Reddit can pay on their behalf)
Yes. We currently have no fees and depend upon reddit to pay the coordinators costs. All gas fees can be done meta-tx style natively. This introduces some problems with the plan to decentralise the coordinator. We can add per users fees denomintated in the token they are transfering. There is more nuance here that we can dig into later.
Users should be able to view their balances & transactions via a blockchain explorer-style interface
We don't have this yet but can add it later. We do have API's to view the balances and transactions but not a GUI.
Exiting is fast & simple
We plan to add mass migrations which will make it cheap for users to leave. Which will allow users with very small balances to move to any other scaling solution.
To exit to layer 1 naively would require users to wait a 1 week delay. We can remove this requirement by providing users with fast withdraw. Basically a helper provides the withdrawed funds up front to the user. After the delay period the same helper gets the funds the user was trying to withdraw.
Scaling solutions should be extensible and allow third parties to build on top of it
You cannot build custom solidity ethereum style dapps inside hubble. However our perfered approch is to allow mass migrations so users can move to other scaling solutions or other hubble-chains which will allow anyone to build programmable dapps.
Third-party permissionless integrations should be possible & straightforward
Mass migrations should allow anyone to add a new feature and migrate hundreds of thousands of users to a new hubble chain in a single ethereum transaction :)
Simple is better. Learning an uncommon or proprietary language should not be necessary. Advanced knowledge of mathematics, cryptography, or L2 scaling should not be required. Compatibility with common utilities & toolchains is expected.
This applies to us. You can use any scaling solution you like just need to accept mass migrations.
Balances and transactions cannot be forged, manipulated, or blocked by Reddit or anyone else
An incorrect commitment can be put on chain but anyone can revert that commitment with the fraud proof, the coordinator who submits a fraud batch and the coordinators who build on fraud batch get heavily slashed.
Points should be recoverable to on-chain ERC20 tokens even if all third-parties involved go offline
We can add a governance multisig that can update the coordinator if they go offline. But if the governance goes offline we will be stuck. We could hard spoon the token to recover. In future version we will decentralise the coordinator.
A public, third-party review attesting to the soundness of the design should be available
Not availble at the moment. But we plan to audit soon.If this is a blocker we can start an audit ASAP but want to wait to finailze features required for community points as our entry is specific for that usecase.
Compatibility with HSMs & hardware wallets
Currently yes because we use ethereum style signatures. But later we want to add BLS and that will need us to add BLS signature support to hardware wallets.
Minting/distributing tokens is not performed by Reddit directly [1]
At the moment reddit does need to be aware of the current state of the system when doing airdrops. The airdrops happen sequentially which means that reddit need to publish aidrops. But they don't execute it. A future version we can remove this so that reddit is just signing a random string and provides it to just hte user.
One off point burning, as well as recurring, non-interactive point burning (for subreddit memberships [2]) should be possible and scalable
We provide this. See benchmarks for costs
Fully open-source solutions are strongly preferred
Of course

Final note

We had alot of fun working on this project. We were really happy to see the other submissions. We think it would be a shame if just a single team were to "win". So we propose to use mass migrations so that users can pick which solution THEY want to use. The aidrop happens on a single solution. But then users can move to whatever solution suits their needs. Nobody wins unless everybody wins :D

Get in touch, we love questions

Join our TG group here
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is there a miner like nicehash that will send ethereum directly to my wallet?

I've been using nicehash for a while now but i don't like how i have to withdraw in btc and i also don't like how i have to have like 12 dollars worth of btc before withdrawing.
is there a miner like nicehash (that has a gui) that will send ethereum directly to my wallet instead of having me withdraw it from their website?
Alternatively, could i configure the nicehash client to send the btc directly to my wallet instead of the one on their site?
From what i've seen it sends btc to "my" wallet on their site every time like 40 cents worth of btc is accumulated.
Sorry if that's a stupid question.
And before anyone says it, i know that i'm paying more in electricity and i should just buy the crypto instead but i live in greece and since the greek government IDs are basically just a piece of paper without any serious anti faking measures, no kyc service accepts them.
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Epic Cash AMA Recap with CryptoDiffer Community

CryptoDiffer team Hello, everyone! We are glad to meet here: Max Freeman (@maxfreeman4), Project Lead at Epic Cash Yoga Dude (@Yogadude), PR&Marketing at Epic Cash Xenolink (@Xenolink), Advisor at Epic Cash
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash Thanks Max, we are excited to be here!
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash Hello Everyone! Thank you for having us here!
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash Thank you to the CryptoDiffer team and CryptoDiffer community for hosting us!
CryptoDiffer team Let`s start from the first introduction question: Q1: Can you introduce yourself to the community? What is your background and how did you join Epic Cash?
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash
Hello! My background is Marketing and Business Development, I’ve been in crypto since 2011 started with Bitcoin, then Monero in 2014, Ethereum in 2015 and at some point Doge for fun and profit. I joined Epic Cash team in September 2019 handling PR and Marketing.
I saw in Epic Cash what was missing in my previous cryptos — things that were missing in Bitcoin and Monero especially.
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
Hello Cryptodiffer Community, I am not an original co-founder nor am I a developer for the Epic Cash project. I am however a community member that is involved in helping scale this project to higher levels. One of the many beauties of Epic Cash is that every single member in the community has the opportunity to be part of EPIC’s team, it can be from development all the way to content producing. Epic Cash is a community driven project. The true Core Team of Epic Cash is our community. I believe a community that is the Core Team is truly powerful. EPIC Cash has one of the freshest and strongest communities I have seen in quite a while. Which is one of the reasons why I became involved in this project. Epic displayed some of the most self community produced content I have seen in a project. I’m actually a doctor of medicine but in terms of my experience in crypto, I have been involved in the industry since 2012 beginning with mining Litecoin. Since then I have been doing deep dive analysis on different projects, investing, and building a network in crypto that I will utilize to help connect and scale Epic in every way I can. To give some credit to those people in my network that have been a part of helping give Epic exposure, I would like to give a special thanks to u/Tetsugan and u/Saurabhblr. Tetsugan has been doing a lot of work for the Japanese community to penetrate the Japanese market, and Japan has already developed a growing interest in Epic. Daku Sarabh the owner and creator of Crypto Daku Robinhooders, I would like to thank him and his community for giving us one of our first large AMA’s, which he has supported our project early and given us a free AMA. Many more to thank but can’t be disclosed. Also thank you to all the Epic Community leaders, developers, and Content producers!
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
I’m Max Freeman, which stands for “Maximum Freedom for Mankind”. I started working on the ideas that would become Epic in 2018. I fell in love with Bitcoin in 2017 but realized that it needs privacy at the base layer, fungibility, better scalability in order to go to the next level.
CryptoDiffer team
Really interesting backgrounds I must admit, pleasure to see the team that clearly has one vision of the project by being completely decentralized:)
Q2: Can you briefly describe what is Epic Cash in 3–5 sentences? What technology stands behind Epic Cash and why it’s better than the existing one?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
I’d like to highlight the differences between Epic and the two highest-valued privacy coin projects, Monero and Zcash. XMR has always-on privacy like Epic does, but at a cost: Its blockchain is over 20x more data intensive than Epic, which limits its possibilities for scalability. Epic’s blockchain is small and light enough to run a full node on cell phones, something that is in our product road map. ZEC by comparison can’t run on low end devices because of its zero knowledge based approach, and only 1% of transactions are fully private. Epic is simply newer, more advanced technology than prior networks thanks to Mimblewimble
We will also add more algorithms to widen the range of hardware that can participate in mining. For example, cell phones and tablets based around ARM chips. Millions of people can mine Epic that can’t mine Bitcoin, and that will help grow the network rapidly.
There are some great short videos on our YouTube channel
that explain why we believe we have created something truly special here.
Our core architecture derives from Grin, so we are fortunate to benefit on an ongoing basis from their considerable development efforts. We are focused on making our currency truly usable and widely available, beyond a store of value and becoming a true medium of exchange.
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash
Well we all have our views, but in a nutshell, we offer things that were missing in the previous cryptos. We have sound fiscal emission schedule matching Bitcoin, but we are vastly more private and faster. Our blockchain is lighter than Bitcoin or Monero and our tech is more scalable. Also, we are unique in that we are mineable with CPUs and GPUs as well as ASICs, giving the broadest population the ability to mine Epic Cash. Plus, you can’t forget FUNGIBILITY 🙂 we are big on that — since you can’t have true privacy without fungibility.
Also, please understand, we have HUGE respect to all the cryptos that came before us, we learned a lot from them, and thanks to their mistakes we evolved.
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
To add on, what also makes Epic Cash unique is the ability to decentralize the mining using a tri-algo model of Random X (CPU), Progpow (GPU), and Cuckoo (ASIC) for an ability to do hybrid mining. I believe this is an issue we can see today in Bitcoin having centralized mining and the average user has a costly barrier of entry.
To follow up on this one in my opinion one of the things we adopted that we have seen success for , in example Bitcoin and Monero, is a strong community driven coin. I believe having a community driven coin will provide a more organic atmosphere especially when starting with No ICO, or Premine with a fair distribution model for everyone.
CryptoDiffer team
Q3: What are the major milestones Epic Cash has achieved so far? Maybe you can share with us some exciting plans for future weeks/months?
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash
Since we went live in September of 2019, we attracted a very large community of users, miners, investors and contributors from across the world. Epic Cash is a very international project with white papers translated into over 30 languages. We are very much a community driven project; this is very evident from our content and the amount of translations in our white papers and in our social media content.
We are constantly working on improving our usability, security and privacy, as well as getting our message and philosophy out into the world to achieve mass adoption. We have a lot of exciting plans for our project, the plan is to make Epic Cash into something that is More than Money.
You can tell I am the Marketing guy since my message is less about the actual tech and more about the usability and use cases for Epic Cash, I think our Team and Community have a great mix of technical, practical, social and fiscal experiences. Since we opened our YouTube channels content for community submissions, we have seen our content translated into Spanish, French, German, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian, and other languages
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
Our future development roadmap will be published soon and includes 4 tracks:
Core Protocol
Ecosystem Development
Core Protocol
Epic Server 2.9.0 — this release improves the difficulty adjustment and is aimed at making block emission closer to the target 60 seconds, particularly reducing the incidence of extremely short and long blocks — Status: In Development (Testing) Anticipated Release: June 2020
Epic Server 3.0.0 — this completes the rebase to Grin 3.0.0 and serves as the prerequisite to some important functional building blocks for the future of the ecosystem. Specifically, sending via Tor (which eliminates the need to open ports), proof of payment (useful for certain dex applications e.g. Bisq), and our native mobile app. Status: In Development (Testing) Anticipated Release: Fall 2020
Non-Interactive Transactions — this will enhance usability by enabling “fire and forget” send-to-address functionality that users are accustomed to from most cryptocurrencies. Status: Drawing Board Anticipated Release: n/a
Scaling Options — when blocks start becoming full, how will we increase capacity? Two obvious options are increasing the block size, as well as a Lightning Network-style Layer 2 structure. Status: Drawing Board Anticipated Release: n/a
Confidential Assets — Similar to Raven, Tari, and Beam, the ability to create independently tradable assets that ride on the Epic Blockchain. Status: Drawing Board Anticipated Release: n/a
GUI Wallet 2.0 — Restore from seed words and various usability enhancements — Status: Needs Assessment Anticipated Release: Fall 2020
Mobile App — Native mobile experience for iOS and Android. Status: In Development (Testing) Anticipated Release: Winter 2020
Telegram Integration — Anonymous payments over the Telegram network, bot functionality for groups. Status: Drawing Board Anticipated Release: n/a
RandomX on ARM — Our 4th PoW algorithm, this will enable tablets, cell phones, and low power devices such as Raspberry Pi to participate in mining. Status: Needs Assessment Anticipated Release: n/a
The economics of mining Epic are extremely compelling for countries that have free or extremely cheap electricity, since anyone with an ordinary PC can mine. Individual people around the world can simply run the miner and earn meaningful money (imagine Venezuela for example), something that has not been possible since the very early days of Bitcoin.
Ecosystem Development
Atomic Swaps — Connecting Epic to other blockchains in a trustless way, starting with ETH so that Epic can trade on DeFi infrastructure such as Uniswap, Kyber, etc. Status: Drawing Board Anticipated Release: n/a
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
From the Community aspect, we have been further developing our community international reach. We have been seeing an increase in interest from South America, China, Russia, Japan, Italy, and the Philippines. We are working on targeting more countries. We truly aim to be a decentralized project that is open to everyone worldwide.
CryptoDiffer team
Great, thank you for your answers, we now can move to community questions part!
Cryptodiffer Community
You have 3 mining algorithms, the question is: how do they not compete with each other? Is there any benefit of mining on the GPU and CPU if someone is mining on the ASIC?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
The block selection is deterministic, so that every 100 blocks, 60% are for RandomX (CPU), 38% for ProgPow (GPU), and 2% for Cuckoo (ASIC) — the policy is flexible so that we can have as many algorithms with any percentages we want. The goal is to make the most decentralized and resilient network possible, and with that in mind we are excited to work on enabling tablets and cell phones to mine, since that opens it up to millions of people that otherwise can’t take part.
Cryptodiffer Community
To Run a project smoothly, Funding is very important, From where does the Funding/revenue come from?
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
Yes, early on this was realized and in order to scale a project funds are indeed needed. Epic Cash did not start with any funding and no ICO and was organically genesis mined with no pre-mine. Epic cash is also a nonprofit community driven project similar to Monero. There is no profit-driven entity in the picture. To overcome the revenue issue Epic Cash setup a development fund tax that decreases 1% every year until 2028 when Epic Cash reaches singularity with Bitcoin emissions. Currently it is at 7.77%. This will help support the scaling of the project.
Cryptodiffer Community
Hi! In your experience working also with MONERO can you please clarify which are those identified problems that EPIC CASH aims to develop and resolve? What’s the main advantage that EPIC CASH has over MONERO? Thank you!
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash
First, I must admit that I am still a huge fan and HODLer of Monero. That said:
✅ our blockchain is MUCH lighter than Monero’s
✅ our transaction processing speed is much faster
✅ our address-less blockchain is more private
✅ Epic Cash can be mined with CPU (RandomX) GPU (ProgPow) and Cuckoo, whereas Monero migrated to RandomX and currently only mineable with CPU
Cryptodiffer Community
  1. the feature ‘Cut Through’ deletes old data, how is it decided which data will be deletes, and what are the consequences of it for the platform and therefore the users?
  2. On your website I see links to download Epic wallet and mining software for Linux,Windows and MacOs, I am a user of android, is there a version for me, or does it have a release date?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
  1. This is one of the most exciting features of Mimblewimble, which is its extraordinary ability to compress blockchain data. In Bitcoin, the entire history of a coin must be replayed every time it is spent, and comprehensive details are permanently stored in the blockchain. Epic discards spent transaction inputs and consolidates outputs, storing neither addresses or amounts, only a tiny kernel to allow sender and receiver to prove their transaction.
  2. The Vitex mobile app is great for today, and we have a native mobile app for iOS and Android in the works as well.
Cryptodiffer Community
$EPIC Have total Supply of 21,000,000 EPIC , is there any burning plan? Or Buyback program to maintain $EPIC price in the future?
Who is Epic Biggest competitors?
And what’s makes epic better than competitors?
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
We respect the older generation coins like Bitcoin. But we have learned that the supply economics of Bitcoin is very sound. Until today we can witness how the Bitcoin is being adopted institutionally and by retail. We match the 21 million BTC supply economics because it is an inelastic fixed model which makes the long-term economics very sound. To have an elastic model of burning tokens or printing tokens will not have a solid economic future. Take for example the USD which is an inflating supply. In terms of competitors we look at everyone in crypto with respect and also learn from everyone. If we had to compare to other Mimblewimble tech coins, Grin is an inelastic forever inflating supply which in the long term is not sound economics. Beam however is an inelastic model but is formed as a corporation. The fair distribution is not there because of the permanent revenue model setup for them. Epic Cash a non-profit development tax fund model for scaling purposes that will disappear by 2028’s singularity.
Cryptodiffer Community
What your plans in place for global expansion, are you focusing on only market at this time? Or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash
Since we are a community project, we have many developers, in addition to the core team.
Our plans for Global expansion are simple — we have advocates in different regions addressing their audiences in their native languages. We are growing organically, by explaining our ideology and usability. The idea is to grow beyond needing a fiat bridge for crypto use, but to rather replace fiat with our borderless, private and fungible crypto so people can use it to get goods and services without using banks.
We are not limiting ourselves to one particular demographic — Epic Cash is a valid solution for the gamers, investors, techie and non techie people, and the unbanked.
Cryptodiffer Community
EPIC confidential coin! Did you have any problems with the regulators? And there will be no problems with listing on centralized exchanges?
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
In terms of structure, we are carefully set up to minimize these concerns. Without a company or investors in the picture, and having raised no funds, there is little scope to attack in terms of securities laws. Bitcoin and Ethereum are widely acknowledged as acceptable, and we follow in their well-established footprints in that respect. Centralized exchanges already trade other privacy coins, so we don’t see this as much of an issue either. In general, decentralized p2p exchange options are more interesting than today’s centralized platforms. They are more censorship resistant, secure, and privacy-protecting. As the technology gets better, they should continue to gain market share and that’s why we’re proud to be partnered with Vitex, whose exchange and mobile app work very well.
Cryptodiffer Community
What are the main utility and real-life usage of the #EPIC As an investor, why should we invest in the #EPIC project as a long-term investment?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
Because our blockchain is so light (only 1.16gb currently, and grows very slowly) it is naturally well suited to become a decentralized mobile money standard because people can run a full node on their phone, guaranteeing the security of their funds. Scalability in Bitcoin requires complicated and compromised workarounds such as Lightning Network and light clients, and these problems are solved in Epic.
With our forthcoming Mobile Mining app, hundreds of millions of cell phones and tablets will be able to easily join the network. People can quickly and cheaply send money to one another, fulfilling the long-envisioned promise of P2P electronic cash.
As an investor, it’s important to ask a few key questions. Bitcoin Standard tokenomics of disinflation and a fixed supply are well proven over a decade now. We follow this model exactly, with a permanently synchronized supply from 2028, and 4 emission halvings from now until then, with our first one in about two weeks. Beyond that, we can apply some simple logical tests. What is more valuable, money that can only be used in some cases (censorable Bitcoin based on a lack of fungibility) or money that can be used universally? (fungible Epic based on always-on privacy by default). Epic is also poised to be a more decentralized and therefore resilient network because of wider participation in mining. Epic is designed to be Bitcoin++ Privacy, Fungibility, Scalability
Cryptodiffer Community
Q1. What are advantages for choosing three mining algorithms RandomX+, ProgPow and CuckAToo31+ ?
Q2. Beam and Grin use MimbleWimble protocol, so what are difference for Epic? All of you will be friends for partners or competitors?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
RandomX and ProgPow are designed to use the entirety of a CPU / GPU’s unique processing capabilities in a way that other types of hardware don’t work as well. You can run RandomX on a GPU but it doesn’t work nearly as well as a much cheaper CPU, for example. Cuckoo is a “memory hard” algorithm that widens the range of companies that can produce the hardware.
Grin and Beam are great projects and we’ve learned a lot from them. We inherited our first codebase from Grin’s excellent Rust design, which is a better language for community participation than C++ that Beam currently uses.
Functionally, Mimblewimble is similar across the 3 coins, with standard Confidential Transactions, CoinJoin, Dandelion++, Schnorr Signatures and other advanced features. Grin is primarily ASIC-targeted, Beam is GPU-targeted, and Epic is multi-hardware.
The biggest differences though are in tokenomics and project structure. Grin has permanent inflation of 60 coins per block with no halvings, which means steady erosion of value over time due to new supply pressure. It also lacks a steady funding model, making future development in jeopardy, particularly as the per coin price falls. Beam has a for-profit model with heavy early inflation and a high developer tax. Epic builds on the strengths of these earlier mimblewimble projects and addresses the parts that could be improved.
Cryptodiffer Community Some privacy coin has scalability issues! How Epic cash will solve scalability issues? Why you choose randomX consensus algorithem?
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
Fungibility means that you can’t distinguish one unit of currency from another, in example Gold. Fungibility has recently become a hot issue as people have been noticing Bitcoins being locked up by exchanges which may of had a nefarious history which are called Tainted Coins. In example coins that have been involved in a hack, darknet market transactions, or even processing coin through a mixer. Today we can already see freshly mined Bitcoins being sold at a premium price to avoid the fungibility problem Bitcoin carries today. Bitcoin can be tracked by chainalysis and is not a fungible cryptocurrency. One of the features that Epic has is privacy with added fungibility, because of Mimblewimble technology, Epic has no addresses recorded and therefore nothing can be tracked by chainalysis. Below I provide a link of an example of what the lack of fungibility is resulting in today with Bitcoin. One of the reasons why we chose the Random X algo. is because of the easy barrier of entry and also to further decentralize the mining. Random X algo can be mined on old computers or laptops. We also have 2 other algos Progpow (GPU), and Cuckoo (ASIC) to create a wider decentralization of mining methods for Epic.
Cryptodiffer Community
I’m a newbie in crypto and blockchain so how will Epic Cash team target and educate people who don’t know about blockchain and crypto?
What is the uniqueness of Epic Cash that cannot be found in other project that´s been released so far ?
Yoga Dude Pr&Marketing at Epic Cash
Actually, while we have our white paper translated into over 30 languages, we are more focused on explaining our uses and advantages rather than cold specs. Our tech is solid, but we not get hung up on pure tech talk which most casual users do not need to or care to understand. As long as our fundamentals and tech are secure and user friendly our primary goal is to educate about use cases and market potential.
The uniqueness of Epic Cash is its amalgamation of “whats good” in other cryptos. We use Mimblewimble for privacy and anonymity. Our blockchain is much lighter than our competitors. We are the only Mimblewimble crypto to use a unique cocktail of mining algorithms allowing to be mined by casual miners with gaming rigs and laptops, while remaining friendly to GPU and CPU farmers.
The “uniqueness” is learning from the mistakes of those who came before us, we evolved and learned, which is why our privacy is better, we are faster, we are fungible, we offer diverse mining and so on. We are the best blend — thats powerful and unique
Cryptodiffer Community
Can you share EPIC’s vision for decentralized finance (DEFI)? What features do EPIC have to support DEFI?
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash
We view Epic as ideally suited to be the decentralized digital reserve asset of the new Private Internet of Money that’s emerging. At a technology level, atomic swaps can be created to build liquidity bridges so that wrapped Epic tokens (like WBTC, WETH) can trade on other networks as ERC20, BEP2, NEP5, VIP180, Algorand and so on. There is more Bitcoin value locked on Ethereum than in Lightning Network, so we will similarly integrate Epic so that it can trade on networks such as Uniswap, Kyber, and so on.
Longer term, if there is market demand for it, thanks to Scriptless Script functionality our blockchain has, we can build “Confidential Assets” (which Raven, Tari, and Beam are all also working on) that enable people to create tokenized assets in a private way.
Cryptodiffer Community
If you could choose one celebrity to promote Epic-cash, who that would be?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
I am a firm believer that the strength of the project lies in allowing community members to become their own celebrities, if their content is good enough the community will propel them to celebrity status. Organic celebrities with small but loyal following are vastly more beneficial than big name professional shills with inflated but non caring audiences.
I remember the early days of Apple when an enthusiastic dude named Guy Kawasaki became Apple Evangelist, he was literally going around stores that sold Apple and visited user groups and Evangelized his belief in Apple. This guy became a Legend and helped Apple become what it is today.
Epic Cash will have its OWN Celebrities
Cryptodiffer Community
How does $EPIC solve scalability of transactions? Current blockchains face issues with scalability a lot, how does $EPIC creates a solution to it?
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
Epic Cash is utilizing Mimblewimble technology. Besides the privacy & fungibility aspect of the tech. There is the scalability features of it. It is implemented into Epic by transaction cut-through. Which means it allows nodes to remove all intermediate transactions, thus significantly reducing the blockchain size without affecting its validation. Mimblewimble also does not use addresses like a BTC address, and amount of transactions are also not recorded. One problem Monero and Bitcoin are facing now is scalability. It is evident today that data is getting more expensive and that will be a problem in the long run for those coins. Epic is 90% lighter and more scalable compared to Monero and Bitcoin.
Cryptodiffer Community
what are the ways that Epic Cash generates profits/revenue to maintain your project and what is its revenue model ? How can it make benefit win-win to both invester and your project ?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
There is a block subsidy of 7.77% that declines 1.11% per year until 0, where it stays after that. As a nonprofit community effort, this extremely modest amount goes much further than in other projects, which often take 20, 30, even 50+ % of the coin supply. We believe that this ongoing funding model best aligns the long term incentives for all participants and balances the compromises between the ends of the centralized/decentralized spectrum of choices that any project must make.
Cryptodiffer Community
Q1 : What are your major goals to archive in the next 3–4 years?
Q2 : What are your plans to expand and gain more adoption?
Yoga Dude Pr&Marketing at Epic Cash
Max already talked about our technical plans and goals in his roadmap. Allow me to talk more about the non technical 😁
We are aiming for broader reach in the non technical more mainstream community — this is a big challenge but we believe it is doable. By offering simpler ways to mine Epic Cash (with smart phones for example), and by doing more education we will achieve the holy grail of crypto — moving past the fiat bridges and getting Epic Cash to be accepted as means of payment for goods and services. We will accomplish this by working with regional advocacy groups, community interaction, off-line promotional activities and diverse social media targeting.
Cryptodiffer Community
It seems to me that EpicCash will have its first Halving, right? Why a halving so soon?
Is a mobile version feasible?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
Our supply emission catches up to that of Bitcoin’s first 19 years after 8 years in Epic, so that requires more frequent halvings. Today’s block emission is 16, next up are 8, 4, 2, and then finally 0.15625. After that, the supply of Epic and that of BTC stay synchronized until maxing out at 21m coins in 2140.
Today we have a mobile wallet through the Vitex app, a native mobile wallet coming, and are working on mobile mining.
Cryptodiffer Community
What markets will you add after that?
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash
Well, we are aiming to have ALL markets
Epic Cash in its final iteration will be usable by everyone everywhere regardless of their technical expertise. We are not limiting ourselves to the technocrats, one of our main goals is to help the billions of unbanked. We want everyone to be able to mine, buy, and most of all USE Epic Cash — gamers, farmers, soccer moms, students, retirees, everyone really — even bankers (well once we defeat the banking industry)
We will continue building on the multilingual diversity of our global community adding support and advocacy groups in more countries in more languages.
Epic Cash is More than Money and its for Everyone.
Cryptodiffer Community
Almost, all cryptocurrencies are decentralized & no-one knows who owns that cryptocurrencies ! then also, why Privacy is needed? hats the advantages of Private coins?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
With a public transparent blockchain such as Bitcoin, you are permanently posting a detailed history of your money movements open for anyone to see (not just legitimate authorities, either!) — It would be considered crazy to post your credit card or bank statements to Twitter, but that’s what is happening every time you send a transaction that is not private. This excellent video from community contributor Spencer Lambert\_4 explains better than I can.
Privacy is not just for criminals, it’s for everyone. Do you want your landlord to increase the rent when he sees that you get a raise? Your insurance company to raise your healthcare costs because they see you buying too much ice cream? If you’re a business, do you want your employees to see how much money their coworkers make? Do you want your competitors to trace your supplier and customer relationships? Of course not. By privacy being default for everyone, cryptocurrency can be used in a much wider range of situations without unacceptable compromises.
Cryptodiffer Community
What are the main utility and real-life usage of the #EPIC As an investor, why should we invest in the #EPIC project as a long-term investment?
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
Epic Cash can be used as a Private and Fungible store of value, medium of exchange, and unit of account. As Epic Cash grows and becomes adopted it can be compared to how Bitcoin and Monero is used and adopted as well. As Epic is adopted by the masses, it can be accepted as a medium of exchange for store owners and as fungible payments without the worry of having money that is tainted. Epic Cash as a store of value may be a good long term aspect of investment to consider. Epic Cash carries an inelastic fixed supply economic model of 21 million coins. There will be 5 halvings which this month of June will be our first halving of epic. From a block reward of 16 Epic reduced to 8. If we look at BTC’s price action and history of their halvings it has been proven and show that there has been an increase in value due to the scarcity and from halvings a reduction of # of BTC’s mined per block. An inelastic supply model like Bitcoin provides proof of the circulating supply compared to the total supply by the history of it’s Price action which is evident in long term charts since the birth of Bitcoin. EPIC Plans to have 5 halvings before the year 2028 to match the emissions of Bitcoin which we call the singularity event. Below is a chart displaying our halvings model approaching singularity. Once bitcoin and cryptocurrency becomes adopted mainstream, the fungibility problem will be more noticed by the general public. Privacy coins and the features of fungibility/scalability will most likely be sought over. Right now a majority of people believe that all cryptocurrency is fungible. However, that is not true. We can already see Chainalysis confirming that they can trace and track and even for other well-known privacy coins today such as Z-Cash.
Cryptodiffer Community
  1. You aim to reach support from a global community, what are your plans to get spanish speakers involved into Epic Cash? And emerging markets like the african
  2. How am I secure I won’t be affected by receiving tainted money?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
Native speakers from our community are working to raise awareness in key markets such as mining in Argentina and Venezuela for Spanish (Roberto Navarro called Epic “the holy grail of cryptocurrency” and Ethiopia and certain North African countries that have the lowest electricity costs in the world. Remittances between USA and Latin American countries are expensive and slow, so Epic is also perfect for people to send money back home as well.
Cryptodiffer Community
Do EPICs in 2020 focus more on research and coding, or on sales and implementation?
Yoga Dude PR&Marketing at Epic Cash
We will definitely continue to work on research and coding, with emphasis on improved accessibility (especially via smartphones) usability, security and privacy.
In terms of financial infrastructure will continuing to add exchanges both KYC and non KYC.
Big part of our plans is in ongoing Marketing and PR outreach. The idea is to make Epic Cash a viral sensation of sorts. If we can get Epic Cash adopters to spread the word and tell their family, coworkers and friends about Epic Cash — there will be no stopping us and to help that happen we have a growing army of content creators, and supporters.
Everyone with skin in the game gets the benefit of advancing the cause.
Folks also, this isn’t an answer to the question but an example of a real-world Epic Cash content —
a challenge from one of our content creators to beat his 21 pull ups and get 100 epics! This has not been claimed yet — people need to step up 🙂 and to help that I will match another 100 Epic Cash to the first person to beat this
Cryptodiffer Community
I was watching some videos explaining how to send and receive transactions in EpicCash, which consists of ports and sending links, my question is why this is so, which, for now, looks complex?
Let’s talk about the economic model, can EpicCash comply with the concept of value reserve?
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
In V3, which is coming later this summer, Epic can be sent over Tor, which eliminates this issue of port opening, even though using tools like, it’s not necessarily as painful as directly configuring the router ports. Early Lightning Network had this issue as well and it’s something we have a plan to address via research into non-interactive transactions. “Fire and Forget” payments to an address, as people are used to in Bitcoin, is coming to Epic and we’re excited to develop functionality that other advanced mimblewimble coins don’t yet have. We are committed to constant improvement in usability and utility, to make our money system the ease of use leader.
We are involved in the project (anyone can join the Freeman Family) because we believe that simply by choosing to use a form of money that better aligns with our ideals, that we can make a positive change in the world. Some of my thoughts about how I got involved are here:
Max Freeman Project Lead at Epic Cash
Huge thanks to our friends Maks and Vladyslav, we welcome everyone to come say hi at one of our friendly communities. It is extremely early in this journey, our market cap is only 0.5m right now, whereas the 3 other mimblewimble coins are at $20m, $30m and $100m respectively. Epic is a historic opportunity to follow in the footsteps of legends such as Bitcoin and Monero, and we hope to become the first Top 5 privacy coin project.
Xenolink Advisor at Epic Cash
Would like to Thank the Cryptodiffer Team and the Cryptodiffer community for hosting us and also engaging with us to learn more about Epic. If anyone else has more questions and wants to know more about EPIC , can find us at our telegram channel at .
Yoga Dude Pr&Marketing at Epic Cash
Thank you, CryptoDiffer Team, and this wonderful Community!!!
Cryptodiffer TEAM
Thank you everyone for taking your time and asking great questions
Thank you for your time, it was an insightful session
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Sending Funds - Regular Account - Fusion GUI Wallet Windows

Just like EOS, you have to swap your EOS from Ethereum platform to EOS platform when EOS mainnet launches in June. Wanchain wallet installation is fast and seamless, Wanchain wallet takes about ... #Dreambigcryptonama #Metamask #Coinbase #Ethereum How to send Ethereum from Metamask to Coinbase Wallet?? Coinbase site Link: How to... Free Course Page (In development): Written tutorial of this video: This video is the 3rd le... In this video we cover how to perform a basic "send" transaction using a standard account within the Fusion GUI wallet on Windows OS. I'll be using the testnet to send 88 Ubiq (UBQ) to another in ... This wallet is ported from Mist, the open source wallet used by Ethereum. This tutorial will guide you through the simple installation process. In the next video we will import an account.